Frost & Sullivan recognizes P97 with Technology Innovation Award

Analysts at Frost & Sullivan believe that, due to their advancements in mobile commerce technology, P97 is transforming the overall market. After Frost & Sullivan's extensive research, P97 earned the 2018 North American In-Vehicle Mobile Commerce Platform Technology Innovation Award.
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This write up explains why Frost & Sullivan chose P97 for the Best Practices Award in their category and how they'll stay #1 against competitors. Analysts provide in-depth research, shedding light on P97's continued success in:

Technological Innovation
Customer Service
Strategic Product Development

P97’s partnership with GM and Shell is a testament to its growth potential. 
P97 encrypts personally identifiable information (PII) during transactions to prevent incidents of fraud. 
P97 offers discounts and loyalty programs to subscribed drivers to drive loyalty and repeat purchases.

About P97


P97 Networks

P97 is a mobile commerce and digital marketing platform that connects merchants in the retail fueling industry to their consumers by enabling mobile payments and the delivery of targeted digital offers.