Microsoft & P97 Networks Success Story

Since its founding in 2012, P97 Networks has focused on developing and delivering the leading mobile commerce platform for the convenience retail and fuels marketing industry. To bring its vision to life, P97 leveraged Microsoft Azure to build one of the most comprehensive and widely adopted cloud-based mobile commerce platforms in the highly competitive retail fuels sector.
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What's In the Success Story?


Today, the P97 Consumer Engagement and Mobile Commerce Platform enables mobile commerce at more than 25,000 sites worldwide, providing a set of foundational capabilities across the areas of consumer engagement (CE), mobile payments (MP), digital offers (DO), partner integrations (PI), and site integration platform (SIP)—at the same time offering the flexibility for companies building upon the platform to innovate and establish competitive differences.

In this story, we’ll explore:

  • What this partnership has allowed us to achieve
  • How we've engaged consumers and elevated experiences
  • How we've removed retail roadblocks
  • Where the rubber meets the road