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The CPG Opportunity: 4 Reasons CPGs Should Pursue the C-Store Market

Consumer packaged goods companies are driving foot traffic to convenience stores and combating the downturn in the grocery industry with custom mobile offers. The average consumer only visits a.

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3 Steps to a Successful Mobile Commerce Program

New age smartphone capabilities allow consumers to remain constantly connected and are the driving force behind the cliché, “there’s an app for that.” Online retailers and service providers across.

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Security and Compliance 101: What You Need to Know

Data is everywhere. Everyday consumers entrust their personally identifiable information and account numbers to online service providers and retailers around the world. This practice enables.

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How Mobile App Providers Can Use the PetroZone API to Build Custom Integrations


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Mobile Commerce for Retail Fueling: Transforming the Way Consumers Pay for Gas 

Mobile commerce is transforming the way consumers pay for gas by bridging the gap between what consumers want and what fuel retailers can provide. By enabling customers to locate and pay for fuel.

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My Phillips 66 App Launches at Big 12 Basketball Tournament

Phillips 66 is kicking off the launch of their mobile commerce program at the Big 12 basketball tournament this year. Powered by PetroZone, the My Phillips App provides customers with the.

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